Care & Fit


Like any other jewellery, your bracelet can get dirty and scratched and lose its lustre. The good news is - you can restore/avoid this easily with the following steps:

  • A gently wipe with a cotton ball, lint free cloth, or jewellery cloth after each use: to wipe away any grease or dirt that might have accumulated on the surface will help to restore shine. 


  • Mild soap and warm water – If you think your bracelet needs more than the above step, the simplest way to clean your bracelet is to add a bit of mild liquid soap to some warm water, dip a soft cloth in the mixture and wipe the bracelet clean. Once thoroughly cleansed, wipe with a lint-free cloth until thoroughly dry.

Avoid exposing your bracelet to water and harsh chemicals. Chlorine and bleach can cause damage to your bracelet so we advise taking it off before swimming or coming in contact with chlorinated water.

Always ensure that your bracelet is thoroughly dry before storing it away. 

Always store your bracelet by itself either in the fabric bag or fabric lined box that came with your bracelet; this is to avoid scratches that may occur as it rubs against other jewellery. 



Our bracelets are durable and fully adjustable to ensure a comfortable fit for most wrist sizes.

When you have worn your bracelet on your wrist, encircle your index finger and thumb firmly around the bracelet then press the ends of your bracelet gently towards each other until it fits how you like it.

To loosen the bracelet, or to take it off, gently pull the ends of the bracelet apart gently.